The Southern Belles

by Katie Simpkins

Book One of The Brighton Belles Series

Heiresses, Evelyn, Georgia and Olivia Belle, nicknamed The Southern Belles by the tabloid press, have everything they’ve ever wanted. Then, suddenly, on Evelyn’s 30th birthday, their father dies in a tragic road traffic accident, leaving a massive hole in his business’ finances. With the world’s media, and the National Crime Agency looking on, their family home, cars and all other assets are sold at auction, leaving the sisters penniless, homeless and jobless.

Shunned by their celebrity friends, the Belle sisters must learn to fend for themselves for the first time in their lives. Evelyn, the eldest, knows how dire their situation is, and asks their father’s solicitor, who has kindly paid for their first two months’ rent on a rat-infested bedsit in Brighton, to look into their Father’s case, while they hunt for jobs to make ends meet, which inadvertently leads to them meeting new guys, falling in love, and learning along the way that the world doesn’t owe them a favour, and that money doesn’t buy you happiness.


The Varndean Vixens

by Katie Simpkins

Book Two of The Brighton Belles Series

The Soubrettes of Sussex

by Katie Simpkins

Book Three of The Brighton Belles Series

The Ladies of Leisure

by Katie Simpkins

Book Four of The Brighton Belles Series

The Fat Busters

by Katie Simpkins