Here at Fusion Press, we couldn’t be more excited. Not only do we have the release of Katie Simpkins’ Brighton-based, heart-warming, feel good romance novel, The Southern Belles to look forward to, we are also in discussions with Daniel Hellfire (and yes, that’s his real surname) about his debut horror novel, Hellingly – It Remembers. And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, D C Brockwell is currently editing his first crime novel, Blood Bunker, and hopes it will be ready to publish soon.

Katie, who we will be interviewing soon, is currently working on The Varndean Vixens, which promises to be an epic romance novel, following the lives of Daisy Ripley, Sinead Parkhurst and Li-Ling Chen, three lifelong friends, navigating life and love in contemporary Brighton, while adding to The Southern Belles’ story. She is writing the eleventh chapter (out of thirteen) so it won’t be long until she is ready to submit it for editing. At the same time, Burgess Hill based Katie, is working on the storyboard for The Soubrettes of Sussex, which will be the third in her Brighton Belles series, focusing on friends / sisters, Carla, Demi and Dinah, as they form a swing band, and look for love, of course.

Meanwhile, Daniel Hellfire, a keen reader and writer of pure horror stories, is researching and writing his debut novel, Hellingly. This spine-tingling tale is set in 2010, inside Hellingly Hospital, an abandoned insane asylum, days before it’s due to be torn down and converted into a housing estate. The core of the story is about a sceptical paranormal investigator and his team, as they explore urban myths surrounding the hospital, on the 100th anniversary of the Hellingly Massacre, joined by a group of mischievous youngsters, looking for a place to hang out. We haven’t read any of it yet, but Daniel promises us that it will have enough evil spirits and gore to satisfy even the hardest of horror fans. Plus, the hospital is real. (honestly, look up Hellingly Hospital for yourself on Google, and look at the photos – it’s scary stuff!)

And finally, D C Brockwell has written the first two novels, in his Blood Series, focusing on main character, Nasreen Maqsood, a British-born Pakistani detective hell-bent on proving a conspiracy involving the highest-ranking police officers in the country, who are attempting to legalise drugs through the back door. Blood Bunker and Blood Lust have both been written, but he is intent on making them as perfect as he can before publishing them. He has six books planned in this Blood Series, before bringing in a conspiracy surrounding the military and a super-satellite, after Nasreen is asked to join a flagship, armed investigative unit. He has plans for Nasreen.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to here. If you’d like to offer to be a beta reader, please do get in touch - our authors are always looking for feedback. And, after you buy any of our books, please leave a review! Until next time, cheerio!