As some of you might be aware, authors rely heavily on feedback from their readers, be they friends and family, or just interested readers of certain types of fiction and non-fiction. Our authors, here at Fusion Press, are no different. They need critical analysis, feedback and encouragement from readers, people who will give them a critique enabling them to erase plot holes, characterisation weaknesses, and much more.

                       Interview with Katie Simpkins, Author of The Southern Belles

Hi! I am sat opposite Katie Simpkins in the living room of her terraced house in Burgess Hill. She’s the author of romance novel, The Southern Belles, a story set in sunny Brighton, about three hugely wealthy heiresses, who lose everything when their Father dies, leaving a huge financial mess within their family’s business empire. Although it sounds daunting for the sisters, they endure their predicament, finding jobs and love into the bargain. It really is a heart-warming, feel-good story about overcoming adversity.

Here at Fusion Press, we couldn’t be more excited. Not only do we have the release of Katie Simpkins’ Brighton-based, heart-warming, feel good romance novel, The Southern Belles to look forward to, we are also in discussions with Daniel Hellfire (and yes, that’s his real surname) about his debut horror novel, Hellingly – It Remembers. And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, D C Brockwell is currently editing his first crime novel, Blood Bunker, and hopes it will be ready to publish soon.